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Minneapolis Custom Shower – Shower Envy II

  Steam Shower This bespoke shower enclosure is a project we recently completed for Key Land Homes. You’ll notice how charmingly the frameless glass plays off of the rustic character of the tilework. An operable transom was included over the door to allow for venting since this is a steam shower, and the bathroom fan...
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Home & Remodeling Show 2018 – US Bank Stadium

Minneapolis Home & Remodeling Show I know everyone in Minnesota is psyched up to host (and win?) Super Bowl LII. Well, US Bank Stadium will be hosting another event just two weekends later that is going to be equally massive, the 2018 Home & Remodeling Show!!! Alright, it doesn’t exactly have the clout of the...
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Custom Showers – The Shower Envy Series

Another picture perfect shower by American Glass & Mirror. A frameless shower is the obvious choose for a designer bathroom such as this, complementing its refined austerity. The homeowner didn’t have to get overly elaborate with the shower to achieve a striking effect. This is just a simple heavy glass door and panel, with a...
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Design Break

Glass and Mirror Moving Away from the Everyday On our daily paths, most of us move through spaces that offer very little in the way of inspired design. Our homes, work settings, retail spaces, and other stopping off points are filled with conventional design choices which fail to give us pause in appreciation, let alone...
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GridLite – A Modern Classic in Shower Doors

Shower Grids Although frameless is still king, there’s a new look making its way into designer bathrooms. The gridded (or divided lite) shower is an increasingly popular style for homeowners who want to buck the minimalist trend of a nearly all glass shower, and instead embrace the metal by going so far as to let...
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Frameless Shower – Privacy Strip

There are people who love being naked, have to be naked, those that enjoy the gentle caress of a warm summer breeze. For every one of these dilettante nudists, there is another who suffered the taunts of fellow pubescents for wearing a swimsuit into the showers after gym class – someone with an intense aversion...
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Window Glass Replacement – Easy on the Eyes and the Wallet

If you’ve never needed a window replaced, you’re probably not too familiar with the process. Homeowners replace windows for several reasons. Most often, the insulated units, or double pane glass unit, has cracked or started to fog. Fogging occurs when the seal between the two panes of glass has failed allowing moisture to penetrate the...
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DIY Mirror Install – Cut Out For It? (Part 2)

Mastic Is A Must Using mechanic fasteners alone isn’t going to cut it from a safety standpoint. You’ll need to also apply mirror mastic to the wall behind the mirror. We have customers come in all the time wanting to only use clips, so they can remove the mirror to make painting easier down the...
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DIY Mirror Install – Cut Out For It?

If you want to save money on a new bathroom mirror, and you’ve got a couple DIY projects under your belt, you might consider installing it yourself. Depending on the size of the mirror, this can be done with relative ease, although I’d recommend finding yourself a buddy to lend a hand. Mirror Size The...
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