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Is it frameless? Yes. But, is it REALLY…? Yes.

I want to put to rest the idea that frameless showers require no hardware whatsoever. A thousand curses on Pinterest, IG, Houzz and the misguided individual who first posted a photo of gravity defying heavy glass panels, staying securely upright by the faith of the homeowner and the unfailing strength of silicone alone. These images...
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Gridded Shower Doors – Recent Projects

My last post on gridded shower doors received a fair amount of attention for our little blog. For the past few years, we’ve gotten frequent calls from across the U.S. asking if our Gridlite showers could be purchased directly from us. Sadly, as a small business, we’re really not set up to ship these showers...
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Bye Bye Birdie

Perhaps this has happened to you.  You’re sitting at the kitchen table, enjoying a cup of coffee over the morning paper when, THUNK, you’re startled by a single, solid knock to your window.  You look up expecting to see a grinning neighbor or the kids running in fear, but find only your well-manicured lawn sitting...
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Top 5 Reasons To Use Backpainted Glass

Lately, backpainted glass is popping up in more and more designer bathrooms, kitchens and office spaces. There’s good reason for this. It’s a righteous material! Here are five of the top reasons you should seriously consider using it in your next remodel. 1 . It looks flipping amazing! Check out this kitchen backsplash we recently...
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“Glass Company Near Me”, Isn’t Always “Best Glass Company Near Me”

Thanks to Siri, OK Google, Cortona and our other occasionally confused, algorithmic-based friends, searching for goods and services in your neighborhood is now a simple voice command away. This has been a real game changer for traditionally localized services. Take our industry, for example, glass replacement and repair. Asking your mobile device to locate “glass...
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Minneapolis Custom Shower – Shower Envy II

  Steam Shower This bespoke shower enclosure is a project we recently completed for in Prior Lake, MN for Key Land Homes. You’ll notice how charmingly the frameless glass plays off of the rustic character of the tilework. An operable transom was included over the door to allow for venting since this is a steam shower,...
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Shower Door Showroom – The Grand Tour

THE BEST PLACE TO LEARN ABOUT YOUR NEXT MN CUSTOM SHOWER As the fall leaves sing their colorful swansong, and Halloween then Thanksgiving lurk just around the corner, Minnesotans’ thoughts turn to winter and the thousand little miseries that accompany it. Through the slush and the snowy slog, we lose nearly all motivation and desire...
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Home & Remodeling Show 2018 – US Bank Stadium

Minneapolis Home & Remodeling Show I know everyone in Minnesota is psyched up to host (and win?) Super Bowl LII. Well, US Bank Stadium will be hosting another event just two weekends later that is going to be equally massive, the 2018 Home & Remodeling Show!!! Alright, it doesn’t exactly have the clout of the...
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Custom Showers – The Shower Envy Series

Another picture perfect shower by American Glass & Mirror. A frameless shower is the obvious choose for a designer bathroom such as this, complementing its refined austerity. The homeowner didn’t have to get overly elaborate with the shower to achieve a striking effect. This is just a simple heavy glass door and panel, with a...
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