Home Window Glass Repair

Is a milky film, ugly crack, or inter-unit condensation keeping your home from being filled with glorious sunlight? Let the light back in with the ease of window repair.

Minnesota Windows Have It Pretty Tough.

The extreme weather conditions can break the seal of a glass insulated unit or cause a minor flaw to become a full blown crack. Fortunately, the window professionals are here to help.

American Glass & Mirror has been a trusted source for window glass replacement in Minneapolis & St. Paul for three decades, and now we have set ourselves apart from all other glass repair MN companies by offering the revolutionary RenuVu restoration process.

Minnesota's Only RenuVu Vendor

Adding Value

RenuVu removes moisture from fogged insulated glass units and restores your old windows to their original clarity and luster.

Because we are MN’s sole vendor of this service, our company alone can offer you the tremendous savings, environmental benefits, and other advantages that RenuVu provides. Of course, if your windows are not candidates for restoration, we continue to offer great prices on window glass replacement in Minneapolis and St Paul.

Insulated Glass Replacement

When you think about window glass replacement for your MN home, forget about switching out the ENTIRE window system (frame, flashing, sash, etc.) and just install new glass! For a fraction of the price and hassle of new windows, American Glass will remove your fogged or broken double pane windows and replace them with new warrantied units.

No matter if your Minneapolis or St. Paul glass windows are gridded, low-e, or custom shaped – we can supply the top-quality glass you need. For window glass replacement in MN, American Glass & Mirror will provide you with a free estimate, competitive pricing, and service that cannot be beat.

Insulated Glass Cross-Selection
RenuVu Glass Restoration

RenuVu Restoration

American Glass & Mirror has always been able to save you more than 1/3 the cost on your home window glass repair in MN, but now with the innovative RenuVu restoration process, we can save you even more.

Our MN window glass repair specialist can reverse the cycle of moisture accumulation in your home insulated units. Using precision tools, we re-engineer your windows; introducing breathing holes so that the window can expel moisture on its own.

By installing a valve that is activated by the pressurization of an insulated window, we provide a way for the window to vent moisture to the outside. Once the moisture has been expelled, the units will recover its “dry air” insulation.

Defogging Benefits

  • Protect against further damage
  • Restore the aesthetic beauty of your windows and doors
  • Green friendly – environmentally and financially
  • No damage to moldings, glazing strips, or surrounding frames
  • 20-year-warranty
  • Recovers insulation value (R-Value)

RenuVu is especially cost-effective for insulated units that are large, gridded, or require non-clear or non-rectangular glass.

Did you choke on the price of replacing that massive arched window over the entryway? RenuVu gives you the benefits of a new unit at a price that is much easier to swallow.

Unfortunately, not all windows are candidates for restoration. If the unit has a chalky, white build-up inside, then the glass has become permanently etched and is beyond the restorative abilities of the RenuVu process.

An American Glass & Mirror windows repair specialist will come to your MN residence at no charge and assess whether RenuVu is right for your home windows repair.