Auto Glass and Mirror Repair

Think All Glass Repair & Windshield Replacement Companies Are The Same? Think Again...

Safety & Quality Go Hand-In-Hand

Safety. It is all about SAFETY! A haphazard windshield replacement places your life needlessly at risk.

Auto glass is a major safety component in today’s vehicles, providing critical resistance to structural damage. Improper auto glass installation could result in a collapsed roof in the event of a roll over, passenger ejection if involved in a collision, or improper air bag inflation. Call a reputable MN glass company with certified installers for the well-being of you and your family.



Here at American Glass & Mirror we exclusively use industry leading SIKA sealants to form an unbreakable bond between your windshield and the body of the vehicle. We also install only OEM quality glass to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.


There’s no need to stress out about your windshield repair in St. Paul, Minneapolis, or the surrounding area.

Our technicians will come right to your home, work, ANYWHERE in the Twin Cities-Metro Area. We contact your insurance company and then assist in filing your auto glass claim.

Bad weather? No problem. If it is too cold for a safe installation (under 20 degrees), or raining, we can service your vehicle in shop returning it once the sealants have safely cured, only one hour after completion!

American Glass is an active member of the Minnesota Glass Association and the National Glass Association, the primary educational institutions in our industry.

In addition, our trained technicians use only the highest-rated sealants to ensure your safety. They also undergo periodic training to keep up to date on the latest methods and techniques to provide you with the safest replacement possible.

The State of Minnesota guarantees your right to use the MN glass company of your choice. Choose the best. Choose American.

Your insurance company is billed directly, making the process hassle free.