Shower Glass

Discover The Perfect Shower Glass For Your Personal Oasis

The texture of shower glass finishes can go a long way toward achieving your dream bathroom design. The glass pattern you choose can range from transparent to opaque to suit your preferred level of privacy, and the different patterns can complement other shower elements like your tile and tub. Learn more about our shower glass options today.

Shower Glass Textures & Styles

American Glass & Mirror offers a range of shower glass patterns to satisfy your preferences and designs. The glass options come in an array of styles, from the sleek uniformity of Master Carre to the mottled flow of Rain. Most patterns are available in 3/8″ glass only. Satin glass is available in both 3/8″ and 1/2″ thicknesses.


Rain Pattern


Bubble Pattern

Glue Chip

Glue Chip Pattern

Master Carre

Master Carre Pattern


Satin Pattern


P5 Pattern


Aquatex Pattern