Top 5 Reasons To Use Backpainted Glass

Lately, backpainted glass is popping up in more and more designer bathrooms, kitchens and office spaces. There’s good reason for this. It’s a righteous material! Here are five of the top reasons you should seriously consider using it in your next remodel.

1 . It looks flipping amazing!

Check out this kitchen backsplash we recently completed. 1/4″ tempered panels were used and backpainted with Benjamin Moore White to match the surrounding walls. The results speak for themselves. The material and color selection create such a clean and sleek vibe. It’s the perfect compliment to the high-end counter top and appliances.

2 . It’s easy to maintain.

Beyond the aesthetic appeal of backpainted glass, the relative ease of maintenance is probably its greatest selling point. Gone are the grout lines of a tiled backsplash or shower wall. With this material, you’ve got a uniform surface that doesn’t provide water or soap or grease a small lip to settle in and making cleaning a pain. Add a glass surface protectant, like Clearshield, and cleaning becomes even easier. You’ll want to avoid cleaners with astringents though, since they can eat into the paint in back much like they would a mirror’s silvering.

3 . It’s fully customizable for color.

Something else to get excited about with backpainted glass is the fact that you have endless color options. So much time is spent trying to track down the exact right color tile or granite. With backpainted glass, you don’t have to stress about that. You can bring in a swatch from Valspar and we’ll match that exact color. That’s a major coup for designers. There are “standard” colors available as well that will save you a few bucks if you find one that fits for your space.
Photo by Griffin Enright Architects
Photo by DHV Architects

4 . It works with any design motif.

Backpainted glass is kind of a chameleon. It fits in with a minimalist decor just as well as it would with traditional or farmhouse. Painted white it has a very clean, spartan appeal with a bit of character added by its natural reflective glow. Paint it chartreuse and you’ve got a beaming accent wall. It blends in or stands out as desired, can feel warm or cool and can even incorporate a pattern glass to bring in texture on top of color.

5 . It’s a versatile material.

From table tops, to shower stalls, office partitions and book shelves, backpainted glass is a good fit for many applications. All of the points mention above culminate in this last point. The sleekness of the material combined with the ease of maintenance and range of color options make this an attractive option wherever it can be incorporated. Because backpainted glass can be fabricated in a range of thicknesses, it can be applied horizontally or vertically, working just as well as a kitchen counter and the backsplash behind the oven. It can also be fabricated using safety or non-safety (annealed) glass making it useful throughout a house or office.